Things you can do here…

  1. Create a personal account in order to post reviews or listings
  2. Leave a star review and recommendation on any listed face-friendly establishment.
  3. Create a brand new entry for a face-friendly establishment that has not yet been listed.
  4. Search your area for face-friendly establishments and support them.
  5. Tell all your friends and family to use FreeSpeech.Reviews.
  6. Share listings on social media.  

Things you should not do here…

  1. Don’t post new entries on establishments that are NOT face-friendly
  2. Don’t be vulgar or make ad hominem statements
  3. Don’t post unrelated information
  4. Don’t sell your products
  5. Don’t harass or belittle other reviewers or establishments

This site is…

  • offered as a service by to the public at large who might be seeking face-friendly businesses in their local communities. 
  • crowd-sourced, meaning that local citizens may enter listings of face-friendly business and then they and/or others may write reviews
  • monitored by selected volunteers to insure that listings and reviews are in line with our established goals
  • intended only to showcase face-friently business, services, restaurants, etc., in local communities throughout the United States. Non-U.S. entries are not allowed. Negative listings will be removed. 
  • free to use but we encourage donations to help pay for the cost of operation.

Although listing may be entered by anyone, they may be “claimed” by the rightful owner who may then enter additional information to enhance the listing. 

There are no premium services offered at this time. 

To create a new business listing or make a review, a user must be a registered and confirmed member of the web site. All others may freely view listings and reviews.

Users who register in order to post listings or reviews will be automatically included as members of Citizens for Free Speech. 

Abusive, derogatory or ad hominem speech toward any business or service is not allowed. Criticism is generally permitted but it must remain civil. 

Citizens for Free Speech is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the defense and support of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. We believe that face mask mandates, whether by government or private businesses, are violations of Free Speech. Any citizen who chooses to wear a face mask has a right to do so but conversely, anyone who chooses to not wear a face mask should not be forced to do so

Any personal data entered on this site is encrypted, protected and will remain the sole property of Citizens For Free Speech. Data will not be shared with any other entity. 

Free Speech Reviews includes a mapping display that is not dependent on Google Maps, which collects location and/or search data on users. Rather, we use a public domain service called OpenStreetMap that is very privacy-friendly.